Roundup Natural Glyphosate-Free Weed Killer Concentrate (140ml)

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Roundup Weed Control Super Concentrate 140ml No glyphosate*

Roundup NL Weed Control is a Super Concentrate product which is broken down naturally in the soil.

Roundup NL Weed Control is a home garden weedkiller for use as a herbicide for the control of a broad range of annual garden weeds.

Roundup NL Weed Control can be used to kill a broad range of garden weeds including: clover, chickweed, common groundsel, black nightshade, sowthistle, black medick, annual meadow-grass and mayweeds.

Treat annual weeds before the start of flowering to give best results.

Weeds may show first effects within 3 hours of spraying, depending on the weather and the type of weed.